Consultancy, Moderation, Facilitation

Nils-Eyk Zimmermann F: Agata Maziarz
F: A. Maziarz

My Focus Areas

  • democracy, civil society, engagement,
  • digitization
  • cross-sectoral competence,
  • creativity in groups, organizations and participatory processes,
  • holistic learning, competency-based learning
  • mentoring,
  • systemic coaching,
  • social impact and advocacy
  • project development,
  • organizational change,
  • Central and Eastern European regional expertise
F: S. Mayrwöger

Creative Balance

Human activities without opportunities to connecting new and unexpected, exploration, curiosity, or experimentation become easily boring and therefore less relevant for clients and learners. A training or a learning space or an organization loose their fascination when opportunities to practicing are lacking. Our often too uni-methodological educational landscapes and trainings might be exposed to a little bit more variety and disruption.

As well organizations might shape spaces and opportunities for creative action, where individuals might practicize and explore curiosity, creative problem solving and active engagement. Their ability to cross-sectoral collaboration enables new insights, growth and impact. In this sense I am working as a consultant and are facilitating creative processes and trainings.


If such a divergent thinking style (following diverse impressions and opportunities) is balanced by the opposite (a convergent thinking style with its logical, structured funneling toward a goal) their interplay is stimulating our creativity. It’s the motor for new insights and the motivation to creation and change.

With a mixture of experimentation and input I am dedicated to shape such balanced processes and spaces where individual creativity might appear, people are motivated, and where change and projects become tangible.

Grant Design, Program Concepts, and Evaluation

I’m developing programmes and project designs in the fields civic education and organizational capacity building for public and private clients. As a program manager and project developer I’m building on long experience in German, European and cross-border contexts.

As a project evaluator I am following the standards of the German Society for Evaluation: usefulness, practicability, fairness, and precision.

F: A. Maziarz