16/05/2024: Being transformatively competent – discussion

Discussion in the conference: Rethinking and re-imagining conceptual approaches, (un)learning democracy and human rights in times of shrinking and contested civic spaces. A networking conference for YOU(th) workers, EDC/HRE trainers,
educators, facilitators, youth researchers, and activists.

Europäische Jugendbildungsstätte Weimar | Info
12th -17th of May 2024

Transformative competences, learning in transformations: What does this mean for the future of Education for Democratic Citizenship/Human Rights Education (EDC/HRE) in Youth Work? A discussion with:

  • Nils-Eyk Zimmermann (DE), Arbeitskreis deutscher Bildungsstätten (AdB)
  • Elisa Rapetti (IT), Sociologist and educational expert, active in the DARE network – Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe
  • Ajša Hadžibegović (ME), lead project officer at Frankly Speaking, youth work policy expert
  • Anna Yeghoyan (AM), researcher, trainer and consultant in the field of youth work and youth policy, project consultant at Gyumri Youth Initiative Centre, Armenia.