Creativity Handbook: How to unleash creativity in individuals and groups?

Zimmermann, N.; Leondieva, E., Gawinek-Dagargulia, M. (2018). Creativity Handbook. Building connections, drawing inspirations & exploring opportunities as individuals & groups. Competendo Handbook for Facilitators, MitOst editions, Berlin. Download

Creativity is a crucial competence in the development of proactive and selfresponsible individuals. It helps people to be proactive, to ideate and to connect new ideas with previous experiences. It is a key competence for taking an active, leading role in social change.

As teachers, tutors, trainers, youth workers, group leaders, or volunteers in civic initiatives, we have an important role to play in creating spaces that allow people to unleash and explore their creativity. With this handbook, we’d like to advocate forgreater creativity in European education, and support those who share this desire with experience, tools and ideas.

From the Table of Content

  • Creativity at every turn and in us all
  • What is creativity
  • Creative processes
  • Divergence: Thinking in different directions
  • Convergence: Narrowing your thinking
  • Creative facilitation
  • Social impact as a learning space
  • Outlook: Toward social transition

I edited the handbook in cooperation with Marta Gawinek-Dagargulia and Ekaterina Leondieva. The design is from Slav Georgiev. The font is Alegreya Sans.