Digital transformation in Education for Democratic Citizenship: Challenging digital competence

Discussion in the Lifelong learning Week 2020 at December 2nd, 2020, 3pm with

  • MEP Victor Negrescu (S&D, Romania)
  • MEP Rasmus Andresen (Greens/EFA, Germany)
  • Nils-Eyk Zimmermann (DARE Network Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe)
  • Moderator: Oonagh Aitken, LLLPlatform Steering Committee

Digital transformation is a cultural, social, and economic process. It is challenging citizens, civilsociety and policy on multiple levels, therefore raising questions for citizens in their different roles – as users, learners, workers, active citizens, patients, or co-creators of the digital sphere.

The discussions on AI, privacy, smart infrastructure, social media, or data-economy are highlighting the challenge in particular for adult learners. Educational responses need to reflect the mentioned roles and dimensions more.

This workshop will discuss how we might support citizens to understand the bigger picture of digitalization, preventing us from sticking to a narrow IT- or media-centred understanding of digital literacy.

Which aspects are yet underrepresented in educational discussions and approaches, and also in concepts of digital competence? How to include literacy of AI, data-economy, digital-rights, digital infrastructure, body-machine-interaction in a smart way? How can citizenship education support the EU’s efforts in shaping Europe’s digital future, in particular becoming a leader in “Technology that works for people”?

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