Guide: Networking and Collaboration

What is networking and what are conditions for successful collaboration? This last small of four guides, created in our project EntreComp 360, focuses on networking, exchange and collaboration as an important aspect in and for entrepreneurship education. It introduces networking and collaboration as approach and competence. Furthermore, it explains, why networking for entrepreneurship education is crucial for educators, organisations and policy. Last but not least the guide introduces the European EntreComp community around the EntreComp framework.

Editor: Nils-Eyk Zimmermann (DARE network). Editorial support: Lisa Mc Mullan (The Women’s Organisation) and Candice Astorino (Bantani Education); Reykjavík/Liverpool, 2022

What’s inside?

  • Networking for Entrepreneurship Education
  • Collaboration as a Competence
  • The EntreComp Community

Created in the project EntreComp 360, coordinated by Haskoli Island, supported by the European Union. With contributions of Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe, Haskoli Island, Bantani Education, Consorzio Materahub Industrie Culturali e Creative, Innogate to Europe SL, The Women’s Organisation Ltd, and Not a Bad Idea Ltd.

Editorial Meeting: The EntreComp 360 team hosted by The Womens Organisation in Liverpool 2022